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Bamboo has become very popular as a raw material for use in clothing and textiles. All of our clothing items are made with bamboo fabric. It’s not surprising it’s so popular when you look at the benefits of this remarkable plant.

Organically Grown

Bamboo is an organically-grown renewable source. It is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, with some varieties growing rapidly up to three feet a day!

During growth, bamboo requires little if any additional water, other than that which occurs naturally in rain.  This is in stark contrast to cotton which can use up to 29,000L to produce 1kg.

Also, whereas cotton which can be targeted by a wide range of pests, bamboo has no natural pests.  Thus there is no requirement for herbicides or pesticides to be used during its growth. After harvesting, its extensive root system will send out new shoots, meaning there is less need for extra planting, agricultural tending and polluting farm machinery.

Another reason why bamboo is so eco-friendly is because it can reduce greenhouse gases. A plant needs carbon dioxide to help produce energy (photosynthesis) and a fast-growing plant like bamboo will require a substantial amount. It has been thought some varieties absorb up to 5x the amount of CO2 than an equivalent hardwood tree. A by-product of photosynthesis is oxygen with bamboo producing up to 35% more than other plants.

Generally, plant species require a certain type of soil, some like dry, others like clay, but bamboo can thrive almost anywhere making it very versatile. Because little machinery is used in its cultivation and no chemicals are required, the soil quality is protected. There is little soil erosion and compaction and because the roots remain in place after harvesting, moisture and nutrients are retained.

Ideal fabric for clothing

A big reason we love bamboo is because the fabric is light and very soft with a luxurious feel, much like cashmere. The fibres are round, smooth and not irritating to the skin, perfect then for babies. In fact, the fabric only seems to become softer the more it is washed – again perfect for using in baby clothing.

The anti-bacterial qualities of bamboo fabric are another big plus, all thanks to an anti-microbial bio-agent called ‘bamboo kun’ that is found in the natural fibre. Even after washing many times, bacteria do not thrive on this fabric well. With less bacteria comes less smell! This makes it the ideal choice for Easy Mom & Baby Hooded Towels.

Another quality is that bamboo fabric is moisture wicking ie, it pulls moisture away from the skin, keeping you drier and, on very hot days, much cooler too, something that cotton cannot do. Again, excellent for baby clothing.

All in all, it’s a wonderful fabric, perfect for those of us who are eco-conscious and yet who love the feel of a luxurious fabric for baby clothes, towels and washcloths.

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