Three ways to be a greener parent

These days we are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our lifestyle choices. As parents, we have a natural urge to maintain a safe world for our children. But often we make choices that are at odds with the need to tackle urgent environmental issues such as plastic pollution in the sea, carbon

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How To Manage Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be very stressful for your child. It can also be very stressful and frustrating for you as parent.

Bear in mind that it is a totally normal stage of your child’s emotional development. It’s very common and forms part of many people’s parenting journey.

Separation anxiety and fear of strangers often happens between about

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Pushy Parents and Competitive Moms. Are YOU One Of These?

There is a fine line between being a supportive parent and a pushy parent. Are you guilty of crossing this line? Most of us probably are at some point during our parenting journey. Here at Easy Mom and Baby we’re feeling a bit uncomfortable as we can recognize ourselves in much of what follows.

If you

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7 Top Toys for Playing Outside

We hear a lot about how important it is for children to get into the fresh air and play outside. But does that really mean you need to fill your back yard up with loads of plastic outdoor toys?

We prefer a more natural and simple approach to playing, and one that will inspire your children

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What Is Gentle Parenting?

It can be easy to feel totally overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting advice you can get as a new parent. There are so many books and website forums recommending different approaches and you find people give you completely different opinions on the ‘right’ way to raise your child.

Every parent-child relationship is different and it

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Positive Discipline Practices

No parent enjoys being the disciplinarian. It’s one of the less fun aspects of being a parent, but it’s also a necessary evil. Proper discipline is key to helping your child develop good habits from an early age, habits that will help them better interact with their peers and settle well in school.

Is there one

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10 Mom and Daughter Playtime Activities You Should Learn

Mothers and daughters have a very special relationship. Bonding with your little girl through playtime will not only help with her intelligence but also with her social skills and self esteem. Looking for some ideas? We’ve come up with 10 activities that each provide a different benefit to her develop, in addition to being fun

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12 Facts You Should Know About Newborn Babies

Having a baby brings with it plenty of questions. Probably too many to count. What will they look like? How will they change and how fast? What do they need?

We’ve rounded up some important things to know about caring for your newborn baby and some facts about their development in those first weeks and months

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8 New Mom Myths Debunked

For any expectant mother, it may seem like the moment you announce you’re pregnant, you become bombarded by advice and opinions for every angle. While most of it is supplied with good intentions, this is also the reason so many myths are out there surrounding motherhood.

Thankfully, these eight myths have proven to be 100% false:


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Easy Mom & Baby Scoops 2 Awards in a Prestigious Annual Competition

At Easy Mom & Baby we just wanted to take the opportunity to shout from the rooftops VERY LOUDLY that we have won an extremely prestigious national award in the UK for two of our products. We scooped a winner platinum award and a silver award in the Mom and Baby category in the highly

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