Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes Bamboo Style

The background to swaddling your baby
When you have a newborn baby, you are likely to be bombarded with advice. Do this, don’t do this! Do that, don’t do that! There are definitely trends in baby care – what your mother did with you, may not be what you choose to do with your baby.

One technique

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Safe Sleep Guide

Sleep is so important for healthy babies (and tired parents). They’ll spend a lot of their first year of life sleeping, which will strengthen their immune system and aid in their growth and development. Making sure your baby gets the sleep they need may mean drastic changes to your routine and obeying the cardinal rule:

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12 Facts You Should Know About Newborn Babies

Having a baby brings with it plenty of questions. Probably too many to count. What will they look like? How will they change and how fast? What do they need?

We’ve rounded up some important things to know about caring for your newborn baby and some facts about their development in those first weeks and months

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Why Bamboo Fabric is So Great

Bamboo has become very popular as a raw material for use in clothing and textiles. All of our clothing items are made with bamboo fabric. It’s not surprising it’s so popular when you look at the benefits of this remarkable plant.

Organically Grown

Bamboo is an organically-grown renewable source. It is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet,

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The Benefits of Sensory Play

When your baby enters the world, they’re immediately greeted by countless stimuli for their senses. Everything is new, which is why helping them explore by using their five senses — sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch — is crucial to their development and growth. To do this, you can engage them in what’s known as

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Babywearing 101: Comparing the Options

As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, you’ve probably considered purchasing a baby carrier of some sort to help you move around with your child more easily. But the amount of options can be overwhelming. What are the pros and cons of these different styles and, more importantly, why should you invest in

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First Aid Preparation for New Parents

When your new baby arrives, you become their first line of medical care. Being prepared with some basic first aid skills can go a long way to keep your baby safe, your sanity intact and your trips to the doctor less frequent. How should you prepare?

We recommend starting by building up a first aid kit

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The Basics of Tummy Time

In the early months of your baby’s life, they aren’t very mobile, which means they need help developing the strength and skills to move about on their own and support their own weight. How do we help them do that? One of the most efficient exercises to help them develop is known as tummy time

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Essential Tips and Supplies for Bath Time

Bath time is a very special part in your baby’s routine. This is a time to not only clean off the messes of the day, but an opportunity for more play and bonding. Giving your child a bath is another way of showing them you’ll always be there to take care of them and they

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First Outings With Your New Baby

One of the most challenging parts of being a new parent is feeling like you’re stuck in the house. It’s a tough reminder your free time isn’t really your own anymore and can make you really miss just running errands or going out for a meal.

However, taking your new baby out into the world

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