Here are some of the products that we think are essential to make your life easier in the early months. It goes without saying that you’ll need a car seat, a stroller and a crib, so we haven’t included those.

We hope you’ll like our selection. Feel free to let us know what products you think are ‘must haves’ for new moms. We give a prize each month for our favorite.

Boho mama

Boho Mama Bamboo Breastfeeding Wrap

Easier feeding on the go – stylish and versatile too

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Soft ‘n’ Snuggly Bamboo Swaddle Blanket

Easier softer  swaddling and a multitude of other uses

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Soft ‘n’ Snuggly Bamboo Sleepsuits

Easier way to look cute  – available for  both boys and girls

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binkie holders

Paci-Minder 3 pack

Easier to keep pacifiers and small toys close at hand

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Mom & Baby Pure Prenatal Liquid Supplement

Easier and healthier way to get all the vitamins and minerals that baby needs

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Mom & Baby Pure Vitamin D

Easier easier way to ensure your baby gets enough Vitamin D

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Swaddle me 2

Summer Infant Swaddle Me

Easier comforting for your baby when putting down to sleep. New babies settle better when swaddled. Colors available for both boys and girls

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Leachco safer bather

Leacho Safer Bather Bath Pad

Easier bath times – saves the need for two pairs of hands. Brightly colored bathing pad; holds a wiggly baby safe, letting you use both hands to wash your little one.

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Baby Bjorn carrier miracle

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

Easier carrying of your new born – with full back support

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Brica diaper changer 2

Brica Diaper Changer

Easier nappy changing on the go – holds all your changing essentials. For the mommy who just has to be organized. Practical and stylish, don’t leave home without it.

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Dr Browns starter kit.

Dr Brown’s Baby Feeding Starter kit

Easier bottle feeding – with no colic or reflux. Simply the best baby bottles. Best seller and top choice for Mums who need to bottle feed.

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Baby thermometer

Braun Baby Forehead Thermometer


Easier monitoring of Baby’s temperature – simple forehead scan


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Angel Baby stroller organiser

Angel Baby Stroller Organizer

Easier transportation of all your essentials when on the go

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brace box

Baby Bonding Bracelet

Easier natural bonding with your baby and easy reminder of which side baby fed last

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