Mom and Baby Pure D is a top quality, sensibly priced liquid Vitamin D product, with no added nasties. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our delighted customers have said:

3 bottles Robert s

 “Best Vitamin D for our Preemie! (And Mom). This stuff is AMAZING!! … We had her doctor check these out before we started giving them to our baby and he said they looked great! In 1 week of this supplement she went from Vitamin D levels that were too low to terrific levels! Our children have a host of challenging food allergies and intolerances, so it is usually hard to find “safe” supplements. We are thrilled at the simplicity and purity of this product! The customer service from this company is terrific! They even sent a link to a video on usage suggestions for the supplement.

—  Gadget Mom


 “Recommended by my sons pediatrician.

—  Tawny


The perfect liquid Vitamin D.  Originally our doctor suggested us trying a different brand, but when I saw how many artificial colors and preservatives there were, I knew there had to be something better. That’s when I was so relieved to find this! I especially like that I only have to give my baby girl one drop of it, versus a whole 1 mL syringe of the other stuff.

—  NE Gagne


This is perfect for any mother who is pregnant or just gave birth and wants a vitamin that is safe for the baby.

— Jenny Lynne


I really like this product because it’s CLEAN. It doesn’t have unnecessary additives or chemicals. This is flavor free and VERY easy to take!

— Amanda Hill