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Finding the right clothes to wear is one of the biggest challenges for most pregnant women. With the raging levels of hormones, many women just prefer to wear something comfortable.


Are you one of those women, who just wears loose clothes to cover her bump? Well, guess what? Now’s the time to change! Why hide your baby bump when you can flaunt it?

Always remember this: you can still be fashionable and stylish even when you’re pregnant. How? Check this out:

1. Accentuate it. Don’t hide your beautiful growing bump! Show it off! Be proud of the amazing things your body is doing! My favorite way to accentuate my bump is to tie a belt right above it. This works great with a pretty little non form-fitting dress. I also loved wearing a form-fitting dress or top to really pop that bump!

2. Open sweaters and kimonos are your friends. Anything that just lays over your shoulders, and thus cannot be stretched out! I love pairing a loose flowy open kimono with a tight and long cami and some leggings or a cute dress.

3. Maternity leggings are a must. Gap maternity leggings are my favorite maternity purchase, hands down. They go perfectly with the Hunter boots found here. I am so happy I made this purchase near to the beginning of my pregnancy. It’s one of the very few “maternity” items that I bought, and I am really glad I did. Especially since I was pregnant mostly during the colder months, I literally got SO much use out of these leggings. I would invest in a few pairs. I’ll be re-purchasing for my next pregnancy, for sure. Also, though, you can totally get away with just wearing regular leggings as well. It’s allll in that elastic waist. BIG THUMBS UP!

See? These are just some ideas on how to make you a happier mom-to-be. Learn more about it here.

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