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Once you welcome a child into your family, you have to make adjustments to every aspect of how you live. You have to make sure the home you live in will be a safe environment for your baby, especially as they grow and become more mobile. What should you absolutely do to make your home “babyproof?”

The work should begin before your baby is born. After all, once they arrive, your free time will decrease significantly, so getting this preparation done in advance will save you some headaches later on. When your baby is new, you really need to think about what will be reachable to them whether they’re in their crib, the bathtub or being changed. Here are some things we recommend getting done in preparation for baby’s arrival:

  • Purchase a non-slip mat for the bathtub.
  • Cover the tub faucet as well as the knobs.
  • Use safety strap to keep their changing pad in place.
  • Add soft, non-slip rugs in areas you will have the baby.
  • Hang mobiles out of reach.
  • Make sure their crib is properly assembled.
  • Set up a baby monitor.

Once your child is crawling, there are many more potential hazards to keep in mind. This is the time when you need to pay even closer attention, especially as they progress toward walking. Children love to explore and it’s part of how they learn, but they can get into trouble quickly. You need to start thinking about what they can get into. These are the steps we recommend taking to prepare for this time:

  • Add secure latches to cupboards in the kitchen and bathrooms as well as the oven and refrigerator.
  • Cover all electrical outlets.
  • Place a gate in doorways and in front of the stairs.
  • Add cushions to sharp corners on furniture.
  • Keep cords off the ground and out of reach.
  • Add door and window stops.
  • Install a toilet latch.
  • Block the fireplace off.
  • Buy a child-proof trash can they cannot open.
  • Make sure less stable furniture and decor is anchored in place, as well as your TV.
  • Move household cleaners, makeup and any other chemicals and medicines up and out of reach and or lock them in a cupboard.
  • Remove any ornaments that are not child friendly or which are too precious to you to be broken by a curious child.

Taking your children around their home to introduce them to new things is one of the best ways for them to learn and be able to recognize shapes, colors and objects. Just make sure to put items back where they belong and supervise them constantly. Never leave your baby unattended, anywhere in your home, and they’ll remain safe, sound and happy.

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