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A stroller can be your favorite tool for caring for your baby. There are loads of options in terms of appearance and gadgets, but there are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing the one you’ll use to move your little one out and about.

Why a Stroller Is Essential
A stroller is a piece of equipment we recommend to all parents because it allows for greater mobility and freedom when you’re on the go. It’s much easier than carrying your child — or chasing after them — and gives you more flexibility when running errands or sightseeing. Strollers are also a favorite place for babies to sleep and can be used as a feeding chair. Lastly, strollers allow you to get out of the house, which is crucial for new parents, and get some fresh air and exercise to help you feel better.

Factors to Consider
When deciding which stroller to choose for you and your child, sitting down with these questions in mind can be useful in narrowing down your choices:

  • Your budget
  • Visibility (will your child face toward you or away from you)
  • The type of place where you live (urban, country, etc.)
  • Your main source of transportation
  • Your home/where you will store the stroller
  • The weather all year round where you live
  • Where you plan to use the stroller (indoors or outdoors, how often do you travel, etc.)
  • What special features are important to you
  • How many children you have/plan to have

Most Popular Stroller Styles
Now that you’ve evaluated some of your wants and needs, it’s time to examine the most popular styles of stroller available. These are the five you’re most likely to see when shopping:

  1. Standard — The classic option, this type of stroller typically holds one child, has multiple recline positions along with a safety belt and features a cover or shade and some storage. From this base there can be plenty of additions, like cup holders and trays. Available at a range of prices.
  2. Travel System — If you prefer items with multiple functions, go for a car seat/stroller/base combination that allows you to easily transition your baby from a vehicle to mobile in minutes. These options typically have all the features of a standard model.
  3. Jogger — Getting in some exercise while taking your baby out of the house is a fantastic way to multitask. The wheels are the most defining element of this stroller. They’re usually rubber and shock absorbent. There are also typically only three of them. A jogging stroller can be used on different terrains easily.
  4. Umbrella — The most affordable option, umbrella, or lightweight strollers are easy to cart around and open quickly. They don’t usually have a lot of storage and are better suited for quick trips. Some parents choose to have both a standard stroller and a umbrella stroller to suit their needs. If you take public transportation a lot, a smaller stroller like this can be helpful.
  5. Double — Just like a standard stroller, but for multiple children. If your kids are close in age or you have twins or even triplets, this type of stroller can be a lifesaver.

We wouldn’t presume to recommend a stroller to you, as there are so many different types and it can be a major financial investment. Best to use this article as a guide and then go test drive a few different styles.  Once you find the right stroller for your family, you’ll be glad you have one on hand. Use it as a tool to get your baby outside and to new places, where you can introduce them to a variety of new sights, sounds and smells.

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