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Mommies, how did you feel when you held your baby for the very first time? Of course, you’re filled with happiness and excitement… his soft, gentle skin, cute little eyes … her little hands and feet. They made you feel like you’re the happiest mom in the world.

Your baby seems so fragile. So you will need to put in an extra effort to take care of this precious little bundle. And if you learn how to deal with newborn problems early on, you’ll save yourself a whole load of stress. You’ll need to discover the best way of handling your baby, nursing him, providing his needs, etc.

Here are the most common newborn problems and how to deal with them:

1. Breastfeeding challenges

Breastfeeding is natural, but it takes practice – and it doesn’t always go smoothly in the beginning. Two-thirds of the moms we surveyed breastfed their baby, and most said nursing was at least somewhat difficult at first.

Problem: You’re not sure your baby is getting enough to eat (42 percent of moms share this concern).

What you can do:

Find out how to tell whether your baby is getting enough breast milk.
2. Formula feeding challenges

Formula feeding brings its own unique challenges. Here’s what moms in our survey struggled with the most.

Problem: You’re not sure which kind of formula to buy.

What you can do:

Find out how to choose the best formula.


3. Other feeding challenges

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby, you may encounter some of these dilemmas.

Problem: Your baby spits up a lot (41 percent of moms we surveyed had this feeding problem).

What you can do:

Discover why babies spit up.

Find out what’s normal spit-up behavior.

4. Sleep challenges

Getting your baby to go to sleep – and stay asleep – can be a big challenge for new parents.

Problem: Your baby’s up a lot at night, you’re sleep-deprived, and you’re not sure what to expect.

What you can do:

Find out how to help your baby establish good sleep habits.

Learn when babies are able to sleep through the night.

See how to get your baby to sleep longer in the morning.

5. Crying challenges

We all know that babies cry. But when you’re a sleep-deprived new mom, your baby’s tears can be especially hard to handle.

Problem: 27 percent of moms struggled more with crying than with anything else.

What you can do:

See why babies cry and how to soothe them.

Find out what to do if your baby won’t accept comfort.

Use our Cry Decoder to find out what’s behind your baby’s tears.

6. Challenges for you

Newborns present plenty of challenges. Half of the moms we surveyed said having a newborn is harder than they expected.

Problem: You’re exhausted (71 percent of moms said lack of sleep is the hardest part of having a newborn).

What you can do:

Learn eight ways to get more sleep.

Read about sleep aids for new parents.

Find out how to cope with sleep deprivation.

Know more about these tips on this site.

It may not be your first baby, but there is always more to learn, as every baby presents you with different challenges. As a mom, do you think there’s still a lot of things you need to learn? You bet ! And always remember: No matter what the problem is, you gotta deal with it!

Have a great day lovely mommies!

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