The Boho Mama Breastfeeding Wrap is simple yet stylish and effortlessly glamorous. Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what our delighted customers have said:

We just had our third child and my wife needs to nurse our daughter on the go…. She will be using this on our upcoming trip to Disneyland.

—  A Lee


 “I am blown away by their customer service!”

—  Kate H


“This wrap has very quickly became one of my favorite breastfeeding essentials. I say throw out that old hot uncomfortable nursing cover and get yourself the Boho Mama Breastfeeding Wrap!”

—  TX


“I have tried nursing cover after nursing cover and I hate all of them. They’re bulky, hot, and not at all discrete. This weighs next-to-nothing, won’t overheat you, and is easily accessible when you need it.”

— Sarah S


“I love the fact that it is made from organic bamboo & it feels incredibly soft! I just think that this is a neat product for that special bonding time when baby is new, plus mom can wear it as a fashion piece & feel fabulous. It’s really cool that there are several different ways to wear it, too. I would definitely recommend this product to others, whether as a gift or for yourself.”

—  ADG


“This is an awesome item and I have recommended it to all my mommy friends.”

—  Deanna A


“Love this wrap besides it being super soft it is very stylish too. Love this and I’d definitely purchase again!!”

—  J Miller


“I will never use my other nursing cover again!!!! With this cover I don’t even have to wear a nursing tank. If I lift my shirt to feed her, the shawl covers my whole torso, so I’m not exposed at all! The neutral color matches with pretty much any outfit and with the many ways I can wear it I won’t get bored or feel like I’m wearing the same thing all the time. Nobody will guess this is a nursing cover if you are wearing it as a shawl or scarf. Honestly, I LOVE this cover. I highly recommend it! No other cover I have used or seen even compares to the fashion and function of this one!”

—  M Gill


” I love how easy to care for it is. (We had an incident involving a toddler, the arm of a chair, a bloody lip, and this wrap – the stains rinsed right out of the fabric with a little cold water, even after they’d set for a while).”

—  T Carlson


“Gorgeous quality and chic. Goes with my NY Wardrobe.”

—  ZHL


“The manufacturer really used top-quality fabric in making this wrap. It feels so luxurious. Since this is a neutral color, it can be worn with any color outfit. Although this wrap is designed for nursing mothers, it’s so versatile and can be enjoyed by any woman. You will love it!”

—  Sun


“It does not look like a nursing cover, it looks like a nice quality, organic cotton shawl or scarf. I actually wore it as a dressy shawl with my dress as a guest at a friend’s wedding.This was actually worn straight out of the packaging, as the wedding was the next day and we were leaving to travel to the wedding the day this arrived in the mail. Since I had my baby with me, I wanted to use this cover because I could wear it the entire wedding and reception, and use the cover to nurse when needed. It was perfect, and no one knew it was a nursing cover, it just looked like I was using my shawl to cover while feeding.”

— T King


“I absolutely adore this, it’s the most stylish, comfy, easy to wear breastfeeding cover ever! When you’re a busy breastfeeding mama,you want gorgeous things to nurture you & your baby & this product is just beautiful, totally luxurious and feels amazing on your skin (& babe’s of course!).”

— L Bradbury


“Aside from the impeccable customer service I received in ordering this product, the shawl is just what I was in search of. The quality is great, very breathable and super soft, not to mention the versatility of use. I would highly recommend!!!”

— A Levan


“Great Nursing Wrap that is so soft and can be used as a wrap and swaddle blanket too !”

—  Tia D


“Wonderful company to work with. I bought this beautiful, soft wrap for my daughter in law, she loves it. The shawl went on sale right after I bought it and the owner of the company immediately contacted me, told me of the new sale price and very promptly refunded me! It is so refreshing to do business with such a wonderful company. I highly recommend both the product and this company!”

—   Sharon W


“Thanks to the Boho Mama Breastfeeding Wrap maintaining modesty while breastfeeding has never been easier. Bringing both style and versatility to the table the Boho Mama Wrap definitely takes discretion to a whole new level.”

—  MJD