The Baby Bonding Bracelet is unique, pretty and the perfect gift. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our delighted customers have said:

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“A stunning bracelet for moms to be and even for ladies who just love Rose Quartz 🙂 !!!!
The quartz is just gorgeous and looks high end 🙂 it was received VERY well and will make a terrific present for any mom-to-be.”

—  Kari Mendez


 “Fantastic bonding bracelet. I am expecting and have been wearing this bracelet for a while now and really think it has made me calmer and allowed me to relax.”

—  Paula R. Wethington


“Such a heartwarming product,and beautiful as well. I am so happy I found the Rose Quartz Baby Bonding Bracelet. Not only is made from a beautiful Rose Quartz, but it comes in a beautiful box as well, which makes it a great shower gift or gift for a new mommy. Not only will they love the beautiful bracelet, but it will actually promote restful sleep when put under their pillow, and lord knows all new mommies will appreciate a restful night sleep! I also love that it is intended to deepen the bond between mother and baby.”

—  Dolphin Girl


“I am very happy with this lovely bracelet! This bracelet is beautiful! It is made up of solid rose quartz beads and a rose quartz heart on an elastic band. It should fit all (adult) wrist sizes well. This is meant for mother to wear to increase the bond between her and her child, but it is a pretty bracelet in and of itself. The bracelet comes in a nice gift box with a blue satin-like liner and ribbon…”

— Cantolia


“A beautiful gift for moms-to-be! This Rose Quartz baby bonding bracelet is adorable. It’s made of highly polished, smooth, round stones plus one heart shaped pendant. It comes gorgeously gift boxed- the box has a silky blue interior which gives this the perfect high-quality gift feel. I love that they chose Rose Quartz specifically to impart bonding, love and protection between mother and child.”

—  Jenna