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Planning food for a kid’s party doesn’t mean you have to go shopping for a mountain of wieners, potato chips and sugary junk.

We prefer real, natural food, especially for our kids. So we thought we’d share some of our favorite ways to make healthy party snacks.

They’re easy to make too!

  • Fruit Kebabs – just slice some fruit and slide it onto a wooden BBQ skewer. We like the rainbow colors of strawberries, blueberries, chunks of melon and vertically halved grapes. You can use any fruit – experiment with kiwis, orange segments, pineapple – anything that will stay on the stick!
  • Frozen Yoghurt Mini Ice Popsicles – cut a popsicle stick sized slit in the middle of the lid of a mini pot of yoghurt. Insert a wooden popsicle stick. Freeze upright for at least a few hours (up to 48 hours in advance). Carefully remove the peel-able lid (without moving the stick too much). You should be able to slide the yoghurt iced popsicle out of its pot. If it’s stuck, run it gently under warm water until it comes out easily.
  • Shape Sandwiches – little sandwiches are more appealing to little hands when they’re made of fun shapes (and you do want the kids to eat something sensible!). Make sandwiches and then cut out as many as you can using cookie cutters. We like making cheese and cucumber star sandwiches! Or how about heart-shaped mini grilled cheese sandwiches?
  • Spiralized Vegetables – you can buy expensive elaborate spiralizers but you can get just the same effect with the cheaper, hand-operated ones or a julienne peeler. Try making piles of spiralized cucumber, carrot or zucchini for a colorful display.
  • Dips with baked pitta chips – hummus is usually popular, so why not try to make your own healthy version. You can make pitta chips by cooking already toasted pitta bread in the oven. Place in a single layer with a drizzle of olive oil and some oregano for 5-10 minutes until crisp.
  • Popcorn – ready popcorn you buy in bags is expensive and often packed with processed sugar and additives. Try popping your own the traditional way in a saucepan and flavor with a little brown sugar or honey mixed with cinnamon or good old fashioned sea salt.

So why not get the kids to help, get creative and make some really fun, healthy and delicious party food! Let us know how you get on!


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